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Vertex Arts

Based in Cologne (Germany)

Founding date: Mar 16, 2012

Release Date:

Oct 14, 2020



Experience the highly challenging strategy game that brings round-based gameplay inspired by the classic board game Risk into an exciting campaign of challenging operations and missions.

Distribute your reinforcements and conquer enemy territories. Fortify your sectors and secure bonus units round by round. Earn trade cards and use their reinforcement boost to break through enemy lines. Fight your way mission by mission through the epic campaign or prove yourself in exciting matches with classic or customized rules.

Strategy, tactics and risk determine victory or defeat!



  • A growing number of operations each consisting of multiple exciting missions
  • Diverse primary and secondary mission goals require customized strategies and make each mission a unique challenge
  • Achieve promotions by earning experience points and unlock great upgrades
  • Powerful mission boosts like bonus units at startup, extra cards, extra moves and more


  • Play on the classic world map or unlock other great maps from a growing pool of map packs
  • Adjust the game rules like units distribution, territories placement and players order or play according to the classic rules
  • Face up to 5 computer opponents with adjustable levels of difficulty or compete against friend via pass and play
  • Various other features like detailed match statistics, fast forward for computer opponents, interactive tutorials and more


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About Us

Vertex Arts is an independent game development studio brought to life in 2012 by the two friends Christian Gross and Damir Orec.

Early 2010 Christian Gross released his first puzzle game Spinballs for Windows Mobile and PCs. Shortly after, the development of the strategy game Risky Wars started and has been released end of 2010.

During that time Damir Orec joined and together they worked on porting Spinballs to a growing number of platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian, WebOS, BlackBerry, Bada and Windows Phone.

In 2012 they decided to consolidate their cooperation and founded Vertex Arts. Since then both share dedication and passion for game development and creating games that deliver unique, thrilling and unforgettable experiences.